Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I haven't Been Back In Force

and I won't be this week. Tomorrow we're heading up to the land of no electricity and no Internets. I'm an optimistic person by nature and a true homer so it's tough to spend a lot of time thinking, much less writing, about the state of the Spartans season.

State signed 4 to letters of intent. I'm very excited about Derek Grant, I haven't read much on the others.

Happy birthday David Booth, that was a nice birthday goal. Watching the Florida Panthers it occurs to me that they have a few things in common with the Spartans. Lots of youth and no real marquee player. Despite that they seem to stay competitive night in and night out. They have a good defense and a great goaltender, like State. Plus, they have an offense that's learned to keep it simple. They've become masters of the drop-pass. It's brilliant, they skate in drop it back and take the shot. If the lead skater coughs it up, he's got someone right there to contain the break the other way. When the lead skater drops it back he creates room for the shooter. If the shot gets through, the forwards crash the net looking for a garbage goal. They don't win a lot of 7-1 contests and don't generate a lot of style points but they're in the game. They're creating chances and they're allowing their young guys time to develop. If Coach Comley runs out of ideas, maybe he could it a shot. The speedy Leveille/Gazley skate it in, drop it back to the waiting Crowder/Tropp for a wicked wrister and let Schepke/Conboy clean-up the garbage. It's worth a shot, or maybe not.

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