Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kissing Your Sister Never Felt So Good

The title, obviously, doesn't apply to "ladies" down the road. But a tie against the number one ranked rodent should provide a decent amount of momentum. Momentum needed when taking on the lady rodents down the road. I wish I could have seen more of the game, so I could provide some excellent commentary. Alas, I missed all but a few minutes and I wasn't what one would call sober during those moments.

So the road leading to the winter/Christmas/holiday break has been a little rocky. But this team has learned a lot. After they sweep the completely surprised Wolverines this weekend, they'll have some time to reflect on their education. They'll have time to build on this new found confidence. he practices will be faster, more intense. Leading to a team ready to find they're way to another national championship.

Give 'em hell Sparty!

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