Thursday, November 13, 2008

Full Strength

That's right, I finally got a new AC adapter for my laptop, so I'm back to full strength.

Seriously, the State News is reporting that Nick Sucharski and Andrew Rowe should be ready to play this weekend. With the return of Corey Tropp last weekend, this will be the first time all year that Coach Comely will have the entire roster available to choose his lineup. It couldn't happen at a better time with the conference leading Miami RedHawks coming to town. Both teams are coming off of dismal weekends and both will be hungry to prove their slide in the standings were unjustified.

If the Spartans can chip in some early goals on Miami's young defense and bang on the skilled RedHawk forwards, they can sweep this weekend. If they get pushed around and allow Miami to control the play, it could be an ugly weekend. With the return of Sucharski and his prowess in the face-off circle, it should be a little easier for the Spartans to control the play. Will it be enough? Well, that's why they play the games.

BTW, $90 for a new AC adapter seems a bit steep to me.

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Andrea said...

He's not really that "comely," if you know what I mean.