Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Weekend

and we get the freaks from Western. Swell. Playing Western brings three thoughts right to mind. First, playing in the substandard pit known as Lawson Ice Arena. Harry Lawson ought to sue Western for putting his name on a poorly lit dump with plastic boards. Second, the Lawson Lunatics, I love the enthusiasm and hate the feeling I'm going to be gang raped on the way back to the car. The third is the awesome opportunity for the officials to ignore the flagrant interference by Chris Frank during face-offs. If by chance any CCHA officials accidentally happen upon this page, here's a not so subtle reminder of the NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee's points of emphasis for the 2008-2009 season:

"The second area the committee believes must be addressed is interference and obstruction that occurs immediately after a faceoff restarts play. This interference is sometimes subtle and difficult to detect, but often leads to scoring chances by the offense or easy zone clears by the defense. With the two-referee, two-linesman system, the committee again believes this is an area of focus that will benefit by the second referee having responsibility for these fouls."

If you haven't noticed the Lady Spartans are tearing it up on the ice. They've got a 9-1-2 (5-0-2) record and beat up on the Lady Broncos 12-1, 6-0 and 8-0. They play at Grand Valley this weekend and Host Robert Morris the 22nd and 23rd, both games have a noon start at Munn. I'm sure they'd enjoy your support.

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