Saturday, October 25, 2008

Angry Guy

Angry, not really, frustrated, often. After 30 years in the second row at Munn Ice Arena you tend to get loud and, well, frustrated. Most often the frustration comes from the poor, but difficult, decisions made by the only guys on the ice earning a paycheck. I love college hockey and all (most?) of the people involved. It just seems that the people 3 or 4 feet away should see the play better than those sitting 10 or 12 feet away. Problem is they don't. Probably. Anyway, I'll try to throw up some thoughts on MSU hockey, college hockey, former Spartans and random thoughts on occasion. I may even post some historical shizzle if it seems appropriate.

Stay tuned and stay passionate.

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MVictors said...

I grew up going to MSU Hockey games with my dad (in the 80s). I turned heel and attended Michigan, now have tickets at Yost and enjoy it. I know a few former MSU hockey players and root for the Green when I can. Anyway, I've been back to Munn a couple times but I hear that today the place is dead; I've had Spartan fans call it 'the Library'. What happened? I know there are gobs of tickets available for Saturday's U-M game. What happened?